8 Tips for The Beginner Traveller

Every traveller starts a journey somewhere that goes on for a lifetime. We usually develop an interest in travelling at an early age which becomes a passion for some and remains a leisure activity for others. No matter what the reason for travelling is, these tips will help beginners to make their adventures smooth and enjoyable.

Start with an easy destination

Save Mount Everest for later! You need to start with a place which you can easily cover on your first trip. Prepare yourself by completing your nearest hikes first, and then you are ready to for higher peaks. But if you want to go for the difficult treks anyway, get a team to tag along, and you are ready.

 Easy destination

Check your phone

You will need a phone that can track you down in case you are lost in the woods. If your phone is locked, try to get it unlocked so you can use a network that works well in your destination. It will save you money, provide high-speed data, and also offer better connectivity.

Pack essentials

Unless you are planning a week-long holiday at a resort in some exotic place, you do not need heavy luggage. Experts suggest that you should always buy a smaller bag that you think. You can choose rolly-bags for leisure travel, but even that does not have to be bulky.

Assemble all gear

Make sure that you have the essential gear to capture or vlog your journey. Get your travel laptop, camera, extra batteries, tripod, power bank, all-in-one cables, headphones etc. in check. You do not want to be stranded with a dead phone or camera when you see something you want to take home as a memory.

Pack light

Consider buying the lightweight versions of all your camping gear to ease up on your back while hiking. Think about the thing that you will actually need during your journey and eliminate the needless junk that you can live without. You do not need a week’s worth of clothes as you can find laundry anywhere.


Cloud data backup

Cloud backups like Google photos are easy to use from anywhere using your laptop or smartphone. In case you lose your camera or do not have any space left in your memory card, you can easily move all the pictures and videos to the cloud.

Try out hostels

Hostels may seem unsafe to international travellers, but if you search properly, you can find some traveller friendly hostels. Check online for hostel reviews and talk with the receptionist to know how professional they are. If the receptionist slacks off and seems fishy, you can move to a new hostel.

Take care of your property

When you are a tourist in a new place, it is highly unlikely that people will treat you bad and try to steal from you. But that does not mean that you do not need to be aware. Do not make theft easy and always keep your mind and eye on your property.

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